AMA - Ask Me Anything


We are excited to announce that our September series called AMA- Ask Me Anything. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Reddit, an AMA is an opportunity to ask the person who is hosting any question they’d like; this month we are borrowing the concept. This is your opportunity to ask us (360church) any questions you have regarding the Christian faith.

Don’t worry if you think it’s controversial, we’ll do our best to answer most questions we receive. This is your opportunity to ask us for answers (or our opinion) on questions that you’ve never had answered or maybe have got conflicting responses towards. These don’t have to be your questions; they can be questions your friends who are curious about the Christian faith have asked you. No question is too ridiculous or too hard.

Throughout the month we will be answering the questions either in a blog post or during our Sunday talks. If you want to ask your questions privately you can do so by sending us a Facebook message or by emailing us.

How you can reach us:

Post on our Facebook wall:
Tweet us @360church

Or e-mail us:
This is your chance to have your questions answered, so send us what you got; we can’t wait to hear them!